Monday, November 2, 2015

Cabo on a Cruise

Cabo's Symbol
Took a cruise that included Cabo San Lucas earlier this year.  Had been there before so didn't want to take a typical cruise ship tour and decided to go off on our own. So my wife, Dianne, and I took the tender in to the docking area and just walked around for most of the day.

The Fake Lighthouse
Doesn't sound overly exciting unless you are a people watcher, which we are. There were all types (not wanting to impose I chose not to photograph them) from the typical cruise ship tourist, to the bingle-bangle local hawker, to the "serious" business people (mostly trying to sell "seriously" expensive jewelry and the like to tourists!)

Mexican Cacti
This turned out to be the kind of day that you need every once in a while. Nothing planned, no frantic events - except catching the last launch back to the ship ;>). Had a leisurely lunch at Solomon's Landing (spelled Londing) right on the water - fresh seafood tacos cooked with a bit of Mexican flair. 

Lunch is followed by some shopping - Dianne needed a new watch band for her Philip Stein (found it, but waaaay too expensive) and a leisurely walk back to the launch.

Pelicans and Dolphin
Other than the people watching mentioned earlier, there was a Dolphin that wandered all the way to the dockside and was flirting with a fisherman for some handouts (and trying to beat the pelicans away). A lot of activity in the mid-afternoon along the docks and piers as both tourist anglers and local fisherman were bringing their catch home.  Even saw a huge swordfish - at least it looked huge to me - being carried by about 4 people.  Somebody was going to have a great dinner that evening!

We had a calm trip back to the Grand Princess, our home-away-from-home for 10 days. We were treated to a somewhat roundabout routing where we got to see (once again, and fairly close up) the very tip of the Baja Peninsula - "Land's End" - with its craggy rock formation and circular tunnel to the Pacific as well as the very secluded (only accessible by boat) "Lover's Beach".

Lover's Beach
Did get a chance to get a few pictures of the "sites" that everyone else probably photographs. Mine are, of course, better - well maybe not, it was a cloudy afternoon and that dulled the results (excuse, excuse!)

Land's End

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