Thursday, September 3, 2015

Here at Home...Bluffton Farmer's Market & Lunch at the Dispensary

Welcome to Bluffton Farmer's Market
Thursday's are really nice here in Bluffton. We have our weekly farmer's market...with lots of vendors and some good-old down home blues music. It is also a great opportunity to try out (or in our case re-try) the numerous luncheon opportunities in the Old Town area of Bluffton, SC.

Welcome to the Dispensary
Buried, literally, in the middle of the Farmer's Market is an easy going Bluffton establishment - The Old Town Dispensary. This lunch/dinner, music (almost every night) staple in Old Town Bluffton is a must to visit.  They cater to locals (and visitors as well), have a well stocked bar with at least a half dozen taps...some help you enjoy your meal. I went local and had the River Dog IPA. They serve wines, booze and the ever present (at least in the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia) sweet iced tea (you can get unsweetened if you dare).

Decomposed Ghost Burger
I would guess their real specialty is hamburgers - of all types. From the House Burger, the Caprese Burger, Burger Benedict, Double Stack to the Ghost Burger...the choice is wide open.  I went for the Ghost Burger - topped with ghost pepper cheese, fresh jalapenos, and a sriracha coleslaw. palate is usually pretty OK with spicy stuff...but this was - as advertised - very spicy and even a bit much for me...although I did sideline some of the jalapeƱo peppers and finish it all!  My wife, Dianne, opted for something a bit less spicy and had the Chicken Avocado sandwich...which she enjoyed.

Yum...smoker on premises
Popcorn for any movie!
Having finished lunch, we roamed the Farmer's Market.  Now I must say that today's selection of vendors was on the somewhat limited side as rain was predicted (thankfully the prediction was wrong - as often happens).  I do have to put that in context, as the last three Thursdays have been somewhat of a washout...with last Thursday (August 27) being a major storm.  Dianne and I headed out to the market but because of the driving rain - you couldn't see the front of the car - we turned (very slowly) for home. 

He should open a curry house in Bluffton!
Today, however, most of our favorite stands were up and operating. You can get everything from beef brisket to kettle popcorn to very good real Indian curry selections! We enjoy the Indian selections that Bhajee on the Beach serves. He usually has hot (temperature) dishes to be enjoyed as lunch and frozen meals to take home that are as good as any Indian dishes I have had in the UK (and I've had a lot...especially in Leister...but that is another post!).  He has rice and nan bread available as well either for here or to go.  We get the nan bread dough, roll it out, add a bit of garlic and butter and fry it at home...tastes as good as any you get in a curry house.

Veggies galore!
Peaches and Tomatoesf
But this is a "Farmer's" Market...and they do have the traditional, locally grown, produce, fruits, vegetables, flowers and almost anything else you might want from a "grown locally" viewpoint.  Being so close to Georgia (the peach state), they have great peaches. But you also find everything from tomatoes (green, red, yellow and sometimes pretty "ugly"), potatoes (sweet and white), beans, carrots, onions, scallions, eggplants, watermelon, cantaloupes and almost anything healthy you might want to eat! All grown locally!

Late Summer Corn & Tomatoes
Bluffton, SC has a wonderful selection of restaurants, artists, historic places and is midway between Savannah, GA and Hilton Head Island...two other great areas to explore.  We moved from the North to this area for the weather, people, golf (in my case!) and general quality of life.

Come and visit ya all!

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