Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Sunday in Rhode Island

Awoke relatively late and headed down to the lobby to get some real coffee (the stuff in the room is barely drinkable...).  The Providence Sunday Journal was outside the door so I threw it to my wife so she could find the comics for me ;-)  Showers, decent Starbucks coffee and the Sunday comics under our belt, we headed out for Brunch in Newport.

The Salvation Cafe
We had discovered The Salvation Cafe ( on our Rhode Island Red Food Tour ( of Newport two days earlier and wanted to revisit this very eclectic establishment.  After checking on-line, we found they indeed served Sunday Brunch...from a menu that was almost as eclectic as the artistry of the restaurant itself!

Pomegranate Mimosa
Some of the items included Salvation Chicken Hash, Pork Belly Benedict and who could resist Vegan Benedict?  The one that got the attention of both Dianne, my wife, and me was the Lobster Benedict.

We arrived at the crowded cafe late we had to wait maybe 20 minutes for a table.  That was OK because we had a chance to observe the (obviously) local clientele and have an interesting libation while waiting for our table.  Dianne opted for her usual...a Bloody Mary...well spiced but not over the top.  I was intrigued by something I had never seen before: a Pomegranate Mimosa...yup, Pom with a bit of sparkling. A very good tasting drink...the Pom added just a bit of tartness that went down well.

Lobster Benedict

Got our table...nice private one in the corner of the "back" room, ordered and soon had what was a very good version of Eggs Benedict.  Now this is New England, so you can expect something from the sea with almost everything. True to form Benedict came packed with fresh lobster meat. Throw in some breakfast potato and a bit of a salad and you have the complete picture. We both devoured every last piece of this very rich repast.  Well stuffed, we decided we needed to walk off a bit of what we had consumed.

Hope: The State Moto
I had read about a little town on the Western shore of Narragansett Bay: Wickford Village.  This seemed like a good place to take a walk. We need to cross the Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge to Jamestown and then the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge to the Western Shore of the Bay and headed North on routes 1 and 1A to our destination.  Turns out, there was't much walking involved as the whole village was probably no larger than four or five city blocks.  But it was very "quaint", had a number of craft shops, restaurants (which we did not need!) and speciality stores.

Wickford, Rhode Island
We walked around, did a bit of shopping - that usually occurs when I am with my wife ;-) - got a couple of gifts, shot a whole bunch of pictures, like the one at the left, and just had a very relaxing Sunday afternoon.  We then headed back to Newport for a couple of hours of relaxation, reading and writing before heading off to dinner.  By about 7:00pm we had worked off the fabulous brunch and were ready for something new.

Playing it by ear, we decided to walk around Newport, and see what was open and available on a Sunday night.  There were a few places closed, but, it being the middle of the Summer tourist season, most were open and fairly busy.  We settled on the Brick Alley Pub...whose web site ( I had looked at earlier in the week.

The Bar at Brick Alley
No no table immediately available. We headed to the bar for an evening cocktail - I had a very generous vodka martini and Dianne went with the house Cabernet Savignon. Both were good choices.

Spent a half-hour or so chatting with a very nice couple who called Back Alley their home away from home - they were locals! Our table was ready, but we were still a bit satiated from the earlier Brunch so we decided to share some appetizers.  We settled on some local oysters on the half-shell and mussels cooked in a white wine and garlic broth.  Both very satisfying!

Stuffed again, we headed back to the hotel for a late night glass of wine and a well deserved sleep.

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