Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Brief Introduction

I retired about a year ago from a career that took me to places all over the world.  I have always loved travel, seeing new places, enjoying great food and, especially, meeting new people.  During my work life, I spent considerable time in Europe (especially the UK, where I worked for three different firms), Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Southern Africa and even a week in Nigeria!

The London Eye View of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament & Westminster Bridge
My wife Dianne and I continue to travel (we just got back from a month in Europe). Retirement is great, but with all this experience I really would like to share it with other like minded people that might just be able to benefit from all the great experiences I have had...and maybe avoid many of the mistakes that I also have made ;-) !

Another love Dianne and I share is cooking (...actually eating...) and thought putting together travel with foodie experiences might be of interest.

I decided that writing about some of our experiences (along with a photograph or two - which is another of my loves) might be a fun way to "spread the wealth"! Soooo, what will occasionally follow is an attempt to put together some travel, photographic and foodie information that you may find both informative...and even entertaining!

Enjoy...and please send us your comments and let us know if there are any further details on anything we are writing about that would be of interest.

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  1. Good luck with the retirement Ed. Let me know if your travels bring you to the UK, and we can go find some food to blog about.